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Cybersecurity Program Designed for Future

EasyChair Preprint no. 1323

4 pagesDate: July 22, 2019


As a relatively new field with demand currently well above offer, good cybersecurity professionals can be difficult to find. This gives jobseekers some advantages such as: plentiful job openings; it is a candidates’ market — for now; companies routinely pay top salary for cybersecurity and information security expertise; cybersecurity experts play critical roles in keeping companies and their customers safe. Taking these aspects into account it is possible to state that the right time to earn a degree in cybersecurity is right now. This paper has the goal to show a cyber security program specially designed for K12, the result of a research conducted to design a program for a private school that is investing viewing the possibility to enlarge its services in education field once it is a solid organization. Cybersecurity program at the level of K12 in fact a step to the expansion to Graduation programs for future.

Keyphrases: career, certification, High skills, Information Security, Workforce

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