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Real-Time Magnetic Measurement Monitoring under cRIO-LabVIEW Based Platform

EasyChair Preprint no. 1335

5 pagesDate: July 28, 2019


At CERN, six synchrotrons use a so-called B-train system to measure the field of the bending magnets and to distribute it in real-time to various users, including the RF subsystem, via White Rabbit (WR). This paper proposes an improvement for the read-out and debugging of the distributed field values. Currently, the magnetic field produced by a given current applied to a certain reference magnet is monitored by decoding the WR frame payload and plotting the output signals with a Python GUI-based application running on a workstation connected with the receiving WR switch. This set-up is limited since there is no mechanism to access it remotely; more importantly, the Python application does not support real-time time-stamped debugging and alarms, which are crucial features to detect possible faults and link the signals to the operational status of the accelerators. A new monitoring system was developed in order to provide simple remote access to the B-train signals and to add the missing time-stamp feature. This paper presents the developed hardware and software, together with the results of the first validation tests.

Keyphrases: B-Train, FPGA, LabVIEW, magnetic field, Magnetic measurements, optical fiber switch, real time magnetic field, real-time, White Rabbit

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