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A Review on Gesture Controlled Virtual Mouse

EasyChair Preprint no. 7577

5 pagesDate: March 17, 2022


Researchers around the world are now focused on to make our devices more interactive and trying to make the devices operational with minimal physical contact. In this research, we propose an interactive computer system which can operate without any physical keyboard and mouse. This system can be beneficial to everyone, especially to the paralyzed people who face difficulties to operate physical keyboard and mouse. We used computer vision so that user can type on virtual keyboard using a yellow-colored cap on his fingertip, and can also navigate to mouse controlling system. Once the user is in mouse controlling mode, user can perform all the mouse operations only by showing different number of fingers. We validated both module of our system by a 52 years old paralyzed person and achieved around 80% accuracy on average.

Keyphrases: color detection, Hand Gestures, Human Computer Interaction, Virtual Keyboard, Virtual Mouse

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