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Application of MQ-Sensors to Indoor Air Quality Monitoring in Lab Based on IoT

EasyChair Preprint no. 7064

5 pagesDate: November 22, 2021


Air pollution levels have been rising around the world in recent years. Long-term pollution exposure causes a variety of ailments, including lung disease, heart disease, and eye irritation. The term "indoor air quality" refers to the building's residents' air quality. Physical variables, chemical or gaseous pollutants, and biological factors. Toxic gases are likely to be present in any laboratory where experiments or research are carried out. These contaminants can harm the health of the people that are working there, and the important work that is being done in this environment remains unaffected. A web-based system for indoor air quality monitoring in lab IAQML is presented in this study. The project was established to keep track of air quality metrics in the lab environment like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, alcohol, phenol, toluene, LPG, benzene, ammonia, and methane, if not properly maintained, this can have an impact on the inhabitants' comfort, health, and indoor working condition. In general, the proposed project involves a selection of metal oxide MQ-sensors and a Wi-Fi module connected to an Arduino microcontroller. The measured data from sensors is calculated in ppm units and then displayed on the Android device. Also, gas data is sent to the webpage through the ThingSpeak platform dashboard. The system has a notification function to alert students and workers in the laboratory when measurements of air quality are above or below specified thresholds. On the other hand, this allows for a well-controlled and maintained quality standard for indoor air pollutants.

Keyphrases: Air pollutants, Arduino, Indoor Air Quality, IoT, MQ-Sensor

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