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Research on the Technology of Optical Motion Capture System for Robot Inspection

EasyChair Preprint no. 6214

6 pagesDate: August 1, 2021


Optical motion capture system has been widely used in measurement and control of biomechanics, medical treatment, UAV control and other fields. There have been experimental studies on the accuracy and accuracy of the optical motion system, but there is no study on the layout of the optical camera in the detection area to determine the detection volume boundary and calibrate the accuracy stability of the system within the detection volume. In this study, an optical motion capture system composed of eight OptiTrack Prime 13 cameras with equal spacing and single rings in the determined space was designed. According to the size of the detected object, the camera's angle of vision was adjusted through calculation to determine the maximum detection volume, and the system was calibrated within the detection volume to improve the calibration accuracy.The layout data of the optical motion capture system can be quantified to make the system test data stable and reproducible, and keep the consistency of the robot test parameters.

Keyphrases: measurement error, Optical Motion Capture, Optirack Prime 13, Standard equation layout

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