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Relativistic Effects and Photon-Mirror Interaction – Energy Absorption and Time Delay:

EasyChair Preprint no. 12592

7 pagesDate: March 19, 2024


This abstract presents a revised research paper focusing on the complex interaction between photons and mirrors, aiming to elucidate the processes occurring during these interactions. Through meticulous analysis, the paper explores fundamental principles such as energy absorption, time delay, and relativistic effects. The optimization of mirror reflectivity by minimizing energy absorption is investigated, emphasizing the relationship between energy difference and time delay. The study also delves into the angles of incidence and reflection, challenging conventional notions of light's constancy of motion. By examining the intricate relationship between energy absorption and time delay, the research contributes to a nuanced understanding of photon-mirror interactions and their implications. The abstract further outlines key equations describing energy absorption, photon frequencies, time delay, and their relationships, providing a comprehensive overview of the research's scientific foundations and methodologies

Keyphrases: angle of incidence, Angle of reflection, Energy absorption, Fundamental Physics, Infinitesimal time delay, Photoelectric absorption, Photon-mirror interaction, reflectivity, Relativity, time delay

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