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Freight Trip Generation Model Validation: Case Study of Makarpura Gidc

EasyChair Preprint no. 4007

5 pagesDate: August 9, 2020


Rapid urbanization has been taking place in India, as it is among one of the developing countries. Urbanization results in a shortage of various facilities within urban area and transportation being the key component need arises to pre-plan the area for such rapid urbanization. Keeping about a problem in mind research has been done on Makarpura GIDC, which is one of the fastest developing urban areas in a Vadodara. The urban transportation planning process can be split into four stages which are trip generation, trip distribution, modal split and route assignment. Trip generation is essential to predict the total number of trips generated and attracted in the study area. There was multiple linear regression model are generated for the trip generation process. To test the ability of the model to predict future behavior, validation is required. The standard process of the validation is used to validate the regression models are reasonableness checks and sensitivity tests. The detail process of validation for the trip generation model are described in this research paper.  

Keyphrases: Reasonableness Checks, Sensitivity tests, Validation

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