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Review on LEACH Protocol

EasyChair Preprint no. 4276

7 pagesDate: September 26, 2020


As a result of the development and improvement in communications and information technology, and the need to monitor specific fields, wireless sensing nodes appeared. It is low-cost, multi-purpose, small in size, but also low-power. In wireless sensor networks, the most significant points worth exploring are how to increase the lifetime of the network. Several routing protocols have been proposed such as those based on homogeneity and heterogeneity, or that rely on a hierarchical or hybrid approach, etc. As it is possible to rely on routing protocols to determine the best communication path among the transmitter and the receiver in general, therefore it is considered better for low energy and increased network lifetime. In this research, we aim is to discuss several of the routing protocols and their merits and misfortunes.

Keyphrases: Cluster Head, energy efficiency, Hierarchical routing protocol, LEACH, LEACH protocol, Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy, princess sumaya university, Residual Energy, Wireless sensing nodes, Wireless Sensor Network

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