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A Review on Solar Desalination Techniques

EasyChair Preprint no. 7606

9 pagesDate: March 23, 2022


Desalination is most important and traditional process to get the drinkable water. Day to day the demand of fresh and drinkable water is increased, so that desalination is important which are based by solar energy. The solar desalination techniques are cost effective and also give high rate of water production. The inlet temperature of water is effects on the daily water production rate and efficiency of the system. Solar desalination techniques are not commercially used yet, but it is the emerging low cost energy can be used for water purifipositive ion in future and gained more response. Rapid decreases in the fuel storage of earth it is necessary to go with the renewable energy for the desalination process. Traditionally fuel is used which emite polutants after burning and it is harmful to environment and human also. This paper reviews the different types of desalination techniques.

Keyphrases: Desalination, Low running cost, Pure water, solar energy, Solar Techniques

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