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Power Quality Improvement for Residential Customers of Distribution Network Through Monitoring

EasyChair Preprint no. 5565

5 pagesDate: May 20, 2021


In today’s technologically advanced world, modern man depends so much upon continuous supply of electrical energy. The major world economies demand not only sufficient quantity but equally clean power for continued functioning of a wide array of appliances and equipment for everyday safety, security, mobility and economic welfare. Improving the quality and reliability of electricity power supply has been a major factor behind deregulation and electricity reforms globally. In Nigeria, the debilitating effects of instability in the power sector on the socioeconomic lives of the people left much to be desired. Presently in Nigeria, perhaps due to inadequate power supply; not much emphasis has been laid on monitoring particularly in distribution network. The need for power monitoring as a tool for improving the quality has been emphasized in literatures. The paper presents power quality survey carried out in residential areas of distribution network using Power analyzer equipment. Various power quality parameters were monitored continuously as they were logged in for every ten seconds. The data obtained were then analyzed. Results show that the quality of power measured was below the international standard. Voltage values around 90V were continuously logged in for some periods in part of the network monitored. The result of this survey can help to contribute to industry standards development relating to power quality and effective performance assessment of Distribution Company. It can equally help to establish a more effective communication between the customer and the electrical utility.

Keyphrases: distribution network, monitoring, Power Quality

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