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Monitoring of Unpredictable Wear and Tear of Conveyor Belt

EasyChair Preprint no. 13615

7 pagesDate: June 10, 2024


Conveyor belt systems are integral to modern industries, facilitating efficient material transport within facilities and across production stages. However, these systems face challenges from wear and tear, impacting operational efficiency and reliability. Proactive monitoring and effective maintenance strategies are essential to mitigate these issues and uphold uninterrupted operations. This abstract highlights the importance of adopting advanced monitoring technologies and predictive maintenance methodologies to optimize conveyor belt performance. Laser surface modification techniques can strengthen belt components, improving wear resistance and extending operational lifespan. Remote sensing methods using VL53L0X LIDAR sensors enable precise distance measurement, facilitating real-time monitoring of belt conditions. In the event of belt damage, these sensors detect deviations in distance, triggering alerts via applications like Blynk to notify workers and activate relays to halt operations. This automated approach enhances worker safety and prevents costly downtime, ensuring dependable material transport processes in industries.

Keyphrases: Conveyor belt systems, Laser surface modification, Predictive Maintenance

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