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Evaluation of the Performance Quality of Asynchronous Motors

EasyChair Preprint no. 11158

8 pagesDate: October 24, 2023


Since the majority of AC induction machines used around the world are fitted with aluminum cast squirrel cage rotors it might be falsely assumed that the design of these rotors is a trivial matter. Development of the locomotive engineering network and increasing the efficiency of profitable work are important in the railway industry today. Based on this, it is necessary to improve the quality of operation of asynchronous electric motors in locomotives. A lot of scientific research has been conducted on this. In particular, the results presented in this small research paper are the result of all research. In the scientific research work, the calculation values of the efficiency of the magnetic field rods of the short-circuited rotor in the use of asynchronous electric motors were cross-analyzed according to the type of material.

Keyphrases: Aluminum, asynchronous, Copper, current, motor, resistance, ring, rotor, short circuit, squirrel cage, vector

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