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History of Political Journalism: Georgia’S Case (1917-1918 and After 100 Years)

EasyChair Preprint no. 2655

35 pagesDate: February 14, 2020


1918-1921 was the first period of establishment of the democratic republic in Georgia, which gave rise to the establishment of the statehood based on democratic principles, provided the opportunity of choice to the Georgian population and set the basis for Georgian Parliamentary. This epoch is remarkable for the history of Georgian journalism. Up to now, a fundamental research paper dwelling upon the role of the democratic periodic press of 1918-1921, or participation of Georgian publicists and writers in the above-referred processes has not been elaborated. The press of that period acquainted us with the balance of political powers, activities of different parties, the opinion of Georgian public, key international players and processes ongoing in Russian and Europe.  At that period, inculcation of democratic values was the main objective, which could not have been attained without independent statehood. We hope that the history of Georgian and Regional Journalism shall be enriched with information on one more interesting and less researched period. Our objective is to ensure that there is no gap left in the history of journalism and we aim to unveil the period that the communists have blocked and restricted. The purpose of present research is to prove that May 26, 1918, is not only within the competence of historians and politicians, but this date is also a result of uncompromised and indefatigable efforts of Georgian journalists and writers, that Georgian press played a decisive role in elaboration and adoption of Declaration of Freedom. It will not be overly ambitious if we state that such approach to a given period is a novelty, and research of history in given context is the first such attempt in the history of Georgian journalism. 

Keyphrases: independence, key players, newspapers, political debates, Russian bolshevism

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