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Smart Healthcare Monitoring for Drivers

EasyChair Preprint no. 3429

6 pagesDate: May 18, 2020


Internet of Things is used very widely used by everyone at everyplace. There are so many applications where sensors are utilized and some of the applications are medical care, home appliances, and vehicles and so on. Daily there are so many accidents are happening due to health issues, driver sleepiness or maybe due to uneven roads. To avoid the health issues this smart healthcare system is introduced in vehicles. Mostly the expensive cars are getting the inbuilt sensors for vehicles like Mercedes-Benz. If the cost of a smart health monitoring kit is available at an affordable cost then it is very easy to avoid accidents for people who drive the vehicle. Here the health report is recorded continuously and the abnormal records are sent to the healthcare provider and also the transport office. There are some parameters that are used to monitor and they are pulse rate, body temperature by using the sensors and that data is transferred to the mobile with the help of Bluetooth. So the transport corporation takes the actions by arranging the vehicle for the people who were in the vehicle and the driver is taken care of with the help of an ambulance.

Keyphrases: GPS, GSM, Internet of Things(IoT)

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