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Unleashing the Potential of mHealth: Transforming Healthcare Through Mobile Innovation

EasyChair Preprint no. 10805

6 pagesDate: August 30, 2023


Mobile healthcare, or mHealth, is one of the key pillars of information and
communication technologies for healthcare that consists of telemedicine, telehealth,
eHealth, and mHealth. In the past two decades, mobile health has become a
transformative concept for healthcare delivery innovations on a global scale. The
success was based on the market-driven strategies that utilised the advances in
mobile communications, computing, and sensor technologies, especially in recent
years. Those market-driven mobile health systems were also closely associated with
the global proliferation of smartphones, and based on the correlated usage principle
of the smartphone applications for healthcare and wellbeing. However, the global
commercial success of the smartphone-based mHealth model was not widely
translated into successful scaled-up and tangible healthcare benefits, especially in
low- and-middle income countries, compared to the consumer mobile health
markets. The numerous healthcare challenges in the developing world remained
largely untackled by the existing mobile health systems and models. The muchhyped transformative benefits of these systems remain largely unfulfilled. For two

Keyphrases: health science, HIPPA, mHealth

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