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Smart Safety Monitoring System for Sewage Workers

EasyChair Preprint no. 5680

6 pagesDate: June 3, 2021


Sewage treatment is an important environmental protect problem. If the drainage system is not maintained properly, the pure water get mixed with drainage water and cause infectious disease. It is very important that underground drainage system should work in a proper manner to keep the city clean, safe and healthy. At present, the toxicity of gases in sewage cannot be monitored. So various kind of work has been done to detect, maintain and manage these underground systems. To create a barrier to this problem, a hardware model is designed to monitor the sewage system. In this Project ,the device will monitor heart beat of the person, hydrogen sulphide concentration and other toxic gases concentration and alerts the worker and exterior unit when the parameters deviate from safe range by sending SMS and provides location of the worker through GPS.

Keyphrases: Global Positioning System(GPS)., Global System for Communication(GSM), Internet of Things(IoT)

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