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A Experiment & FEA of Cross Sectional Area of Automotive Center Console Mounting Bracket

EasyChair Preprint no. 5766

14 pagesDate: June 11, 2021


Floor consoles or Center consoles are an indispensable pan of Automotive Cockpit systems in modem passenger vehicles. It occupies space between the front scats in the car and has a lot of utilities and functionalities. The center console design can be very simple as just providing an enclosure for the gear shifter and parking brake and as complex as having storage bins with armrest which can slide. During the genuine working condition, the most extreme load is moved from lower side to upper side which makes plausibility of failure in the floor console/ center console, Henceforth it is fundamental to concentrate on the stress (Bending & Shear) investigation of Automotive Floor Console Mounting Bracket to improve and alter the current design. In present research design of automotive center console is done in CATIA software. ANSYS19 software was also used for analyze the structural strength( Bending & Shear) and optimize the parts weight along with modal analysis to determine cross sectional area of the bending cantilever beam of I section with mode shape and validate the results with UTM Machine tested. The comparison between existing design and modified design ,Material are used in modified design is Plastic & Aluminum. Also compared the bending performance of Cantilever Beam. The target of the new design was recommended the “I – Section” for cantilever beam, Attached to the Plastic Center Console To The Aluminum Underbody. The new design was 12% weight reduction from the existing part ( Plastic Center Console To The Steel Underbody ) fabricated using steel material. Topology optimization strategy is applied to optimize the material on its Steel Floor Console mounting bracket. In the optimization of housing bracket, finite element analysis software was used for calculating the stress and fatigue life and then the weight was optimized.

Keyphrases: Bending stress, cantilever beam, FEA, Floor Console, I-section, shear force, UTM Machine

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