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Teaching Engineering Conferences

EasyChair Preprint no. 10691

10 pagesDate: August 15, 2023


This article is on  a course called  {\em Engineering Conferences} which the authors have developed and installed as a mandatory part of the curriculum in three master's degree programs for engineering students. The participants of the course are postgraduates with different nationalities, mostly German, and different technical backgrounds. 
They study Mechanical Engineering, Simulation and Experimental Technology, or International Business Engineering.

The basic idea of the course concept goes far beyond simply teaching the standards of academic writing and skills for using scientific publications. 
By using a learner-centered approach, the students get engaged in typical activities around an active attendance of a real conference.
Students learn to locate the field of their bachelor thesis or project report in the world of research communities, scientific journals and engineering conferences. 
They learn about conferences matching their bachelor/project topic. 
They write a paper complying with common academic standards, submit it to a mock-up conference, and review submissions of their fellow students. 
Students also produce a poster and have to defend it in a poster session held publicly on the campus. 
{\em Engineering Conferences} is a course on scientific communication and presentation 
that also aims at the development of other skills and competences needed in the world of modern engineering.

Keyphrases: Engineering Conferences, engineering curricula, scientific writing, student research

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