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A Robust and Secured Mechanism for Sharing Encrypted Data in Cloud Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 3179

8 pagesDate: April 16, 2020


Citizens are embracing the major power of cloud computing, make sure that cloud providers can not truly believe in hosting information that is vulnerable to privacy, as access to cloud control is lacking. Due to this the data owners will share the encrypted data instead of plaintexts to ensure confidentiality. By using the Ciphertext Policy-Attribute based Encryption (CP - ABE), we can share the encrypted files with the other users, for solidified and owner-significant monitoring of access. Though this we don’t get safe enough by means of some unknown attacks. Many existing methods will not allow the cloud provider to testwhether adownloader is able to decrypt. Such files will also be open to anyone usable for storage in the cloud. A malevolent attacker can access thousandsof filesto conduct Economic Denial ofSustainability attacks (EDoS) that use the cloud resource to a large extent. For this purpose, the responsibility rests with cloud service payer and the payer has to bear the expenses. The cloud provider simply acts as both the assessor and the technology use tax payee, minimizing data owners 'responsibility. In real- public cloud storage these issues should be addressed. In this paper, we suggest a solution for protecting encryptedcloud storage from EDoS assaults and to supply transparency for Resource usage. In a black-box approach it uses CP - ABE methods along with complying with CP - ABE's arbitrary access policy. We have two protocols proposed for a particular environment, Performance and safety review followed.

Keyphrases: Accounting, Ciphertext policy attribute based encryption (CP-ABE), Managed Access, Safeguarding privacy, Storing the public cloud

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