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Information Seeking Practice of Financial Journalists. a Systematic Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 13339

15 pagesDate: May 17, 2024


In the era of high information, the role of financial journalists has gained interest among scholars. But there is no comprehensive analysis of financial journalists’ information seeking practice. Through the lens of the information behavior model, this study offers a systematic literature review of studies from 8 databases, covering the period of 2000-2023. The systematic review yielded 24 studies. Those studies reveal how financial journalists identify sources, verify the sources, interpret the information from sources, and manage the sources. This information seeking process is affected by certain limitations: time pressure, lack of specialized financial knowledge, use of up-to-date technologies, and the dominance of corporate and media elites. In addition, this research merges communication and financial domains with Library and Information Science (LIS) research.

Keyphrases: Financial journalists, information behavior, information seeking, source, Systematic Literature Review

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