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“What-are-you-looking-at?” – Implicit Behavioural Measurement Indicating Technology Acceptance in the Field of Automated Driving

EasyChair Preprint no. 803

12 pagesDate: March 1, 2019


Automated driving functions are gradually entering individual mobility markets. First studies on consumer acceptance show that parts of the classical innovation acceptance models can be applied to autonomous driving, but others do not work in this context. As it is expected that perception and evaluation of automated driving functions are correlated with the behaviour of the driver, we investigated if eye-tracking data as an implicit behavioural measurement could indicate the acceptance of automated driving. We developed and conducted a user experience study with a pre- and a post-questionnaire, a standardized test track, and 98 test drivers with eye-tracking glasses using level 2 driver assistant systems either with a Mercedes-Benz E-Class or S-Class. The study refers to the Consumer Acceptance of Technology model and adds eye distraction from forward road scenes as antecedent indicator while activating the automated “Lane Keeping”-function in separated one minute slots. Results of structural equation modelling show that despite a lack of significance, our general line of argument is largely confirmed according to which a longer eyes-off-road-time indicates a higher acceptance of automated driving technology. It is assumed that the effects could become more apparent when participants use the automated driving function within a longer period.

Keyphrases: Automated Driving, eye tracking, Implicit Behavioural Measurement, technology acceptance, user experience

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