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Low Cost Automatic Fire Alarm and Hazard Location Intimating System for Industrial Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 4504

5 pagesDate: November 4, 2020


Burn tragedy is a significant hazard to human life and properties. Automatic fire alarm device allows for real-time tracking, monitoring and intimation. Once the fire happens, it gives early warning and helps to the fire loss. It is versatile security and alarm system which can be used by individuals, corporations or industrial establishments. The concept behind this project is to have a quick , easy, accurate and low-cost fire sensing and location-intimating device for users to get support in critical situations. The system can be positioned at any remote location that the consumer can quickly access with the aid of GSM technology. In this it is proposed that NodeMCU acquire signals from different sensors and control to manage communication with property owner. This is carried out by sending SMS immediately to owner in initial stage and to fire brigade in critical stage to resolve fire hazard. Different sensors incorporated within system are smoke, fire and flammable gas sensor. It helps to estimate specific threshold values in hazardous condition and alarms the buzzer accordingly. If in high emergency the system sends SMS consisting of the area and address location to the user / in charge person and fire brigade respectively.

Keyphrases: Flame Sensor, GSM, Node MCU, smoke sensor, temperature and humidity sensor

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