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The Impact of Adaptation on the Development of Social Space of Contemporary Architecture

EasyChair Preprint no. 4873

19 pagesDate: January 7, 2021


The concept of adaptation appears clear in many fields, the most important of which is in the field of architecture, since architecture is related to time and social variables, so society is the basis for its production and it is the one who gives it its meanings and makes it stable and solid, and it enables it to fade away and end. Adaptation in social spaces enables those spaces to continue and permanently through time, thus achieving sustainability in their architecture and making them effective and vital through the ages. From here, the general problem of the research emerged with (the complete lack of knowledge of the impact of adaptive mechanisms in the social space in contemporary architecture), and a research problem represented by (the lack of knowledge about an approach that clarifies the effect of adaptive mechanisms on the development of social space to reach a sustainable community architecture in contemporary architecture), And in order to reach the objectives of the research in (building a theoretical framework on the concepts of adaptation and social space in contemporary architecture and the mechanisms for achieving it in order to reach a sustainable community architecture using contemporary technology according to the perspective of energy efficiency and natural resources), by making a research design plan using a research sample of spaces And using the comparative analysis between them to reach a measure ruler to build the research hypothesis and reach the results, conclusions

and recommendations for future research

Keyphrases: adaptation, energy efficiency, levels of adaptation, social space

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