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Augmented Reality Maps

EasyChair Preprint no. 10199

4 pagesDate: May 17, 2023


The introduction of Android system and smart phones are growing faster and more easily with internet access to smart phones, user location information can be quoted anywhere at any time      with ease. With this growth, many new technologies are introduced and to be very beneficial to the Users as they can be used with the existing technologies applications in various fields. One of the major technologies introduced is Augmented Reality, this can be used to interact with the real world using virtual objects and videos. Augmented Reality based Technology enables the provision of a variety of information such as photos and placement of buildings in the travel field. Most of the unconventional virtual programming are used for the Visual Trace Way (Marker and Marker less method). For visual tracking, digital tagging and digital information should be provided while the Nonvisual Trace Way requires the use of Hardware (G.P.S, sensors etc.). Most navigation requests can only show the path from the user's current location to its destination. In this paper, the design and implementation of augmented reality system are discussed. It will use a well-designed smart phone camera and GPS to display user centric information in real time on a smart phone. The proposed app will combine G.P.S location technology with tracking technology to provide the user with basic information about the building they want or one they are close to. Machine learning is the best emerging technology in computer science, while Augmented Reality (AR) is the most enjoyable and desirable emerging technology These two concepts are used by the majority of programmers and websites. The same goes for our work, which is based on machine learning. It provides users with regular updates on their path to make it more convenient and encourages them to live in the moment by suggesting items they like and dislike as they go in an augmented reality style.

Keyphrases: AR MAPS, Augmented Reality, maps

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