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Simulation Based Design Analysis of Pressure Chamber for Metrological Application up to 200 MPa

EasyChair Preprint no. 5006

9 pagesDate: February 24, 2021


In the high pressure applications, safety and handling of the design parts are crucial and essentially required. If the design parameters are not properly optimized, sometimes it leads to fatal accidents or huge money loss. With the advent of modern computational tools, the simulation based design analysis is now a day’s address above issues amicably to ultimately helping to improve development process and final product. The paper describes the step by step design process and simulation analysis of the pressure chamber. The theoretical FEA studies carried out on the designed pressure cell show that the chamber is working smoothly within the desired pressure range from atmospherics pressure to 200 MPa based on safety factor of the material used. Such devices are mostly imported and not available indigenously. Thus, the fabrication of simulated device is one step forward to develop an import substitute item and promote ‘Make in India’ product. Simulated results are found to quite encouraging. The actual experiments on the fabricated pressure cell would be performed in due course of time.

Keyphrases: Design, finite element analysis, pressure chamber, Pressure Metrology

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