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Power Flow Control of Grid Feeding Converter Based on VSG Emulator

EasyChair Preprint no. 8707

5 pagesDate: August 25, 2022


The widespread integration of renewable energy sources with the traditional power
systems causes a considerable impact, such as the decrease of total inertia, damping properties and large frequency deviation. In this paper, the virtual synchronous generator (VSG) concept in grid feeding structure is investigated within a week grid in order to bring support capabilities to the frequency and amplitude deviation. The frequency at the point of common cohesion (PCC) can be reduced when more active power is required whereas the voltage amplitude is reduced with reactive power demand. The small signal modeling of the VSG is addressed taking into consideration parameters variation to obtain a smooth power flow transition and then low frequency nadir. In order to validate the theoretical concepts, simulation tests have been carried out using PSIM platform.

Keyphrases: Distributed Generation, frequency deviation, Micro-grid, small signal analysis, VSG controller

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