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Sliding Mode Control of a Doubly- Fed Induction Generator(DFIG) for Wind Energy Conversion System

EasyChair Preprint no. 8864

16 pagesDate: September 22, 2022


The wind energy usage is one of the most important renewable energy with economic justification in the world. Due to the growing needs to the electrical energy, increased environmental pollutions and limitation in the fossils power resources, using of this energy in the power industry is necessary and inevitable. The broad use of wind Turbines in the power systems have caused that this Turbines have a decisive rule in these systems. So because of the better power quality of the Variable speed wind turbines, they are more applicable than the constant speed Turbines. Nowadays Speed control in doubly fed Induction Generator (DFIG) because of the advantages such as: good quality control, high efficiency, Improving power quality, no need to the capacitor banks and cost affectivity are used to have more. This paper presents a speed control of one doubly fed Induction Generator according to the sliding mode controller with the use of simulation in the MATLAB/Simulink environment and the simulation gained results demonstrate the ability of the proposed control strategy.

Keyphrases: "Doubly Fed Induction Generator(DFIG)"-, 'Variable Speed Wind Turbine"-, power converter., sliding mode control, wind farm

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