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Blood Bank Management System

EasyChair Preprint no. 10082

4 pagesDate: May 12, 2023


A growing number of people have lost their lives because of the global blood shortage and the urgent issue of blood donation and transfer. The primary cause of those losses is the absence of a centralized mechanism for blood donation. The traditional ways of collecting blood are still the only sensible options in this age of internet and digital operations. A computer program called blood administration framework is made to help blood banks and other healthcare organizations manage their blood inventory and donation activities. With the use of this technology, blood donors can register, make appointments, and view a history of their donations. It too has MySQL database as an essential portion of the coordinates system to backup authentic blood donation information in a one backup or database for the future processing.  Also, it makes it possible for blood banks to keep an eye on the amount of blood in their supply, find eligible donors by blood type and region, and streamline the donation procedure. The system includes a few capabilities, including real-time blood supply updates, automated donor reminders, and connectivity with other healthcare systems for smooth communication. By putting in place the necessary security measures, the system also guarantees the safety and confidentiality of the donor's personal and medical information.

Ultimately, the Blood Donation Management System is a crucial tool for healthcare organizations to manage their blood donation activities successfully and efficiently. By ensuring that blood is accessible when and where it is required, it may help save countless lives.

Keyphrases: Blood Bank Management System, Blood Donation, Blood group

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