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Optimization of Solar Energy Storage in a Battery for Hybrid Photovoltaic System

EasyChair Preprint no. 4385

6 pagesDate: October 13, 2020


Growing trend of intense usage of electric grids amid rising population, growing development and advancement in solar power generation technology, calls for using solar power as an emergency backup, and storage for non sunlight hours. Solar Panels afre widely used now-a-days which generates energy sufficient for day hours as well excess for storing for usage during night hours. However, Solar Energy so far has not been able to fully replace the conventional energy and thus author draws attention to optimize the storage along with usage of conventional power which is termed here as Hybrid Photovoltaic System. The hybrid system includes the day time usage of Solar power and night time usage of conventional power along with battery storage which stores the access daytime solar power and can be used as an emergency battery backup similar to what we use inverter for. These emergency storage can also be used in any disaster circumstances

Keyphrases: Battery storage, Hybrid photovoltaic system, PV, Renewable, Solar

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