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QoS Strategies for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks with Energy-Efficient Routing Techniques & QoS Assurances

EasyChair Preprint no. 9848

13 pagesDate: March 8, 2023


In recent years, for delivering multimedia information such as images and videos, wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSNs) have emerged as an outstanding technique. Due to the fast Advancements in sensor technology and the availability of low-cost hardware, the development of Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs) has emerged. WMSNs are composed of resource-constrained wireless nodes through which both the scalar data and multimedia data (i.e., audio, still images, and video) can be sensed and acquired from the environment. However, the resource-constrained nature of multimedia sensing devices has made the WMSNs face several challenges. To tackle these challenges, different authors developed different methods. In this paper, we have surveyed all such kinds of methods. Initially, we study the basic architecture of multimedia senor nodes followed by the characteristics and applications of WMSNs. Next, we have conducted a detailed survey over different methods and all those methods are segregated into three categories. Under the segregation, we have considered different aspects and segregated them as Data-Aware methods, QoS Aware methods, and Energy-Aware methods. In the end, we also summarized the existing solutions and outlined several pros and cons. In this paper, recent developments in techniques for designing highly energy-efficient and QoS-capable WMSNs are surveyed.

Keyphrases: dynamic power control, Energy proficiency, Medium Access Control, multi-path routing, Quality of Service, Reliability, wireless communication protocols, Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

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