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Formulating Time's Hyperdimensionality Across Disciplines:

EasyChair Preprint no. 13067

11 pagesDate: April 22, 2024


In this study, time undergoes a transformative shift, evolving from a linear, static parameter to a hyperdimensional concept. Through a comprehensive cross-disciplinary analysis, we challenge traditional views across classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, and cosmology, proposing a novel reconceptualization.

Classical mechanics portrays time as an absolute, advancing backdrop, while quantum mechanics treats it as a static parameter for state evolution. In cosmology, time emerges from the Big Bang, measuring the universe's expansion but remaining detached from its dynamics.

Contrary to Einstein’s relativity, we advocate for viewing time as hyperdimensional and constant, devoid of dynamic interaction with physical phenomena. Our critical reevaluation of time dilation reveals disparities, suggesting non-relativistic mechanisms better explain observed phenomena.

Synthesizing insights from diverse domains, we propose a unified theory recognizing time as a fundamental, non-interactive dimension. Our goal is to foster a cohesive understanding of time's intrinsic essence across scientific disciplines.

Keyphrases: clock, conceptualization of TIME, Cosmology, Cross Disciplinary Review, Fundamental Physics, Hyperdimensional Time, quantum mechanics, relativistic, time, time dilation

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