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A Pure Mathematical Perspective: Dimensions, Numbers, and Mathematical Concepts:

EasyChair Preprint no. 11175

3 pagesDate: October 26, 2023


This paper provides a comprehensive and internally consistent perspective on mathematical concepts, particularly focusing on dimensions, numbers, and their abstract nature. The core argument posits that spatial dimensions like length, width, height, or depth, along with numbers like 1 and the concept of (1+1), should be treated as mathematical constructs that exist independently of the physical world. These concepts are examined in their purest form, abstracted from their usual associations with tangible objects or real-world phenomena. 

The paper underlines the process of constructing and manipulating these mathematical concepts through various operations and rules, all the while emphasizing their abstract and mathematical essence. This argument extends to time, which is regarded as the fourth dimension, akin to spatial dimensions and numbers in terms of being an abstract mathematical entity. This perspective positions time and other mathematical concepts within the realm of abstract mathematical constructs, rather than as concrete, physically grounded entities.   

In this paper, the significance of isolating these concepts from their real-world applications is highlighted; emphasizing that mathematics operates independently of specific contexts and provides a universal framework for quantification and comprehension. Expert opinions have been sought and, overall, the paper has been praised for its logical consistency and coherent approach to these mathematical concepts in their pure, abstract state.

Keyphrases: abstract nature, Dimensions, mathematical concepts, numbers, pure mathematics, time dimension

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