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On the Role of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for the Sustainability of Complex Logistics Networks of Offshore Companies

EasyChair Preprint no. 10615

7 pagesDate: July 24, 2023


The data of the logistics networks of companies are complex systems with a whole consisting of a large number of interacting entities that make it possible to control, implement and plan the transport and distribution of goods and raw materials. They are essential to supply chain management and subsequently customer satisfaction. International freight transport is now one of the main pillars of world trade. Its importance lies in the diversity of studies and analyzes that have been carried out on this type of transport and which cover all aspects of international trade, administrative, political, technical and economic, for purposes of development and modernization. of this mode of transport. Developing and modernizing this logistics network has therefore become a major objective for players in the global economy, given the rapid pace of technological, computer and scientific development. However, the use of intelligent and optimization techniques in logistics networks has always faced application and decision-making constraints, with the increase in the volume of goods transported each year, and which manifest themselves in new challenges for researchers and for operators in this field of international trade. In this spirit, the objective of this literature review is to outline the intelligent solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data (BD), in relation to logistics networks while reviewing the state of the art of recently published studies that offer perspectives with the use of AI for the sustainability of the logistics networks of offshore companies.

Keyphrases: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, decision making, Intelligent solutions, Logistics Networks, new technologies, Offshore companies, Optimization

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