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Using Security Centre in Indoor Internet of Things

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8 pagesDate: January 12, 2023


The Internet of things (IoT) facilitated various aspects of people’s daily lives. In simple terms, the IoT refers to the connection of sensors, actuators, and devices to a network by which they can interact with each other and their users. It is a practical model that works on connecting a group of sensors and actuators that form a network that works to carry out several tasks, such as collecting information from the surrounding environment and processing it and providing the beneficiary of the network with this critical information is used in many cases in making important decisions and missions. Over time, the importance of IoT will increase due to its use in many fields. This technology is expected to become an essential milestone in developing many sectors and sciences.

Therefore, to benefit from IoT technology, security in the IoT must focus on raising its efficiency. The security of IoT is a big challenge because of its complexity, heterogeneity, and a large number of related resources. It is necessary to improve security protocols to guarantee IoT connection and ensure all devices in this network are trusted and prevent an attacker from accessing any device in the network because these attacks penetrate privacy and expose the personal property to damage.

This research introduces a new framework to improve the confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and availability of IoT devices in indoor environments, by forcing new devices (IoT-MD), middleware (Security Centre SC), and protocols (add a new authorized device and IoT Traffic Control Protocol IoT-TCP).

Security in IoT will be guaranteed by using this framework which enforces isolation between the IoT devices and networks to prevent unauthorized IoT devices. Moreover, prevent attacks in the IoT indoor environment.

Keyphrases: Indoor IoT, Internet of Things, Security Centre

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