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Technological Weakness, Sanitary Barriers and Insufficient Skilled Labor in the Colombian Meat Chain.

EasyChair Preprint no. 5624

14 pagesDate: May 27, 2021


The meat production chain and meat products describe the production process that goes from the production of live cattle to the production of the next types of goods by Colombian manufacturing companies: fresh meat, refrigerated or frozen meat; dried meat, salty or smoked; meat derivatives (sausage, salami, blood sausage, mortadella); pates, ham, bacon and animal offal (DANE, 2012 cited by DNP, 2018). 

The meat industry in the country has improved in recent years with the creation of more processing plants regulated by Colombian normativity, greater imports of specialized machinery for meat processing, and greater diversification of the countries where this machinery comes from. However, there are some challenges such as few numbers of applied research, lack of specialized livestock centers, poor training in the sector, among others.  

This article focuses on three mains problems that the Colombian meat production sector has had: weak technology, sanitary barriers, and finally low educational levels and insufficient skilled labor. In the development of the article, each of the problems will be deepened and at the end, some recommendations will be given with the purpose that the chain improves and has a new approach.

Keyphrases: Colombian cows, Meat chain, MEAT PROCESS, sanitary barriers, technological weakness, Unskilled Labor

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