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Traffic Filtering(QoS) Dataset for SD-WAN

EasyChair Preprint no. 8136

7 pagesDate: May 31, 2022


As the world is moving toward newer technologies and to meet the requirements of the same adapting toward different network topology. SD-WAN is such an example of a network that solves many issues or limitations of a traditional TCP/IP network. As the majority of the workspace is moving towards SD-WAN, many new vulnerabilities are also being generated, and to protect the network and systems on these networks, in this paper we discuss and propose a dataset that would be helpful in training an intrusion detection system over SD-WAN which would also include the QoS Dataset for traditional TCP/IP network and hence on a hybrid network too. We generate this data over SD-WAN topology by attacking the host system present in the network, then analyze the generated data using CICFlowmeter which would give us the desired dataset for intrusion detection.

Keyphrases: dataset, Intrusion, Network Security, network traffic, QoS Dataset, SDN-WAN

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