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Some Strategies for Synthetic Fuel Production from Exhaust Emission of a Tea Factory

EasyChair Preprint no. 7255

3 pagesDate: December 23, 2021


In this study, some CO2 strategies are developed for synthetic fuel production from exhaust gas emissions by using green hydrogen by means of renewable energy sources. In this regards, renewable energy integrated CO2 capture process, green hydrogen production and storage issues are considered. For this purpose, solar hydrogen energy integrated CO2 capture system is designed for a tea factory. The developed system consists of five subunits which are Solar PV System, PEM Electrolyser System, Catalytic Reactor for methanol production, CO2 Capture System and Direct Methanol Fuel Cell System (DMFC). By using this system, it will be possible to produce synthetic fuel such as methanol or formic acid by collecting CO2 from exhaust emission of tea factory and green hydrogen from solar PV electrolyser under catalyser effect. It is considered that the system developed in this study and the proposed strategies will make significant contributions to different industrial enterprises.

Keyphrases: CO2, exhaust emission, Green Hydrogen, Methanol, solar energy, Tea Factory

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