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Analysis of Big Data Business Intelligence Tools Using Technology Acceptance Model In a Healthcare

EasyChair Preprint no. 6385

5 pagesDate: August 26, 2021


Big Data Business Intelligence tools are an important aspect relating to analysing data quicker for any organization or sector. Business Intelligence (BI) tools are application software which helps in analysing large volumes of data quicker. Once the BI tools are implemented, companies or user feel difficult to get most benefit from them due to lack of user knowledge leading to user acceptance, this led to motivation of the study. To study and analyse the Big Data BI Tools in Healthcare using TAM and to suggest the ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Big Data To analyse the technology acceptance factors influencing the end users of big data BI Tools, this study is conducted in a reputed hospital located in Bangalore. This study was initiated by having a study on literature reviews based on TAM models in healthcare, which gradually helped in identifying important factors influencing the acceptance and satisfaction of healthcare BI Tools users. The questionnaire was framed based on the factors identified and obtained data was analysed using IBM Statistics SPSS 25 and SMARTPLS 3 data analysis tools, Tests like reliability, factor analysis, descriptive statistics, correlation test, Regression analysis, Bootstrapping, PLS algorithm tests were done. The test depicted in five main factors such as perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, attitude, perceived risks, intended outcomes, that helped in influencing the acceptance and satisfaction of end users using Big data BI Tools, This study also revealed that most of the responses use BI Tools on daily basis, but still failed to use most of the features of Big Data BI Tools, This enables us to know that Training and development programmes must to given to users, Management should get involve the end users in Big Data BI tools by educating them the importance of Big data BI Tools, also with the help of Information technology, user technology and perceived ease of use has to be improved.

Keyphrases: affecting technology acceptance, BI tools, Big Data, big data business intelligence, Healthcare BI Tools, Perceived Ease of Use, Technology Acceptance Model, user acceptance

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