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Environmental Implications of Construction Activities in a Fast-Growing Nigerian City: a Study of Ota, Nigeria

EasyChair Preprint no. 5750

10 pagesDate: June 7, 2021


Globally, cities are regarded as engines of growth and sustainable development. However, the socio-environmental implications of rapid urbanization and industrialization such as unprecedented construction activities, urban degradation and poverty exacerbation have constrained cities from fulfilling their socio-economic function of providing a functional, livable, and sustainable environment. Ota, the case study city, has witnessed failures in the execution of policy frameworks and programmes aimed at conserving the environment through proper regulation and management of construction activities. It is based on this backdrop that this study examines the environmental implication of construction activities in Ota city, Nigeria. This study adopted a cross-sectional research design and a systematic random sampling technique was used to administer 400 copies of the questionnaire to residents of Ota. The study revealed that industrial agglomeration remained the major factor influencing rapid construction activities in Ota. Findings also revealed that factors such as social damage and urban structure damage (3.483), urban degradation and urban stress (3.188), increase in transport and logistics externalities (3.128), floods and erosion disaster (3.095), and loss of wildlife and green area (3.090) constitute the major negative impacts of construction activities on Ota city. The study concluded that an efficient and sustainable approach to the use and management of environmental resources and construction activities are needed for the development of a sustainable city. It recommended the implementation of sustainable measurescapable of ameliorating the environmental implications of construction activities in Ota city, Nigeria and other cities with similar issues.

Keyphrases: city planning, Construction activities, environmental implications, Nigeria, sustainable development

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