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Impact of Climate Change on Hydrological Cycle in a Humid Tropical River Basin in Sumatra, Indonesia

EasyChair Preprint no. 1943

3 pagesDate: November 12, 2019


In Sumatra in Indonesia, large-scale plantations of oil palm and acacia trees have caused 50 % reduction of natural forests in the 25 years between 1985 to 2009. Both climate and land cover changes may impact on regional water cycle, which potentially leads to increase the risk of flood and drought Hydrologic process understandings and their representations by hydrological models are therefore important steps for achieving adequate water resources and water-related disaster management. Among various hydrological processes, rainfall-runoff processes in humid tropics, which is typically characterized by the flow in deep soil layers, have been poorly understood. This study conducts field investigations and modeling to simulate rainfall-runoff and flood inundation processes at the river basin scale in the Batanghari River basin in Sumatra, Indonesia. By reflecting such conditions in the model, it conducts a long-term hydrologic simulation with climate change projections including MRI-AGCM (20 km resolution) and its dynamically downscaling by MRI-NHRCM (5km resolution) to estimate the impact of climate change on hydrological cycle in this region.

Keyphrases: climate change, Floods, Humid Tropics, rainfall-runoff, Sumatra

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