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Advancement in Solar Photovoltaic Water Pumping System - a Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 9472

9 pagesDate: December 14, 2022


     Energy received from sun is a capable substitute to conservative WPS for achieving  the pumping requirements of community water supply as well as  irrigation. The shortage of electricity as well as higher fuel expenses have effect on given requirements. PV technology is the basis of SWPS, which converts radiation received from sun into electrical energy to drive a water pump. The research’s key objectives are to give a detailed estimation of the literature on solar water pumping systems and technologies, assess their economic viability, and pinpoint any research gaps or roadblocks to their wider adoption. Updates on SWPS, performance investigation, optimal sizing, the deterioration of PV generators used to drive the pumps, commercial and ecological considerations are the key topics of the research. This research brings an up to date on the development as well as application of SWPS. The performance of SWPS, the deterioration of PVA, and increasing efficiency SWPS are all factors that are highlighted. In compared to conventional water pumping systems for irrigation SWPS is proven to be cost-effectively viable. Some SWPS have an investment payback period of 4-6 years. Additionally, policy attempts for the upgradation of SWPS in underdeveloped nations are explored, as well as current incentives for SWPS in India. Areas for possible follow-up studies are also noted.

Keyphrases: Photovoltaic array, solar energy, Solar water pumping system

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