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Web of Needs Using Semantic Technology: Empowering Hawkers as Use Case

EasyChair Preprint no. 11428

6 pagesDate: December 1, 2023


Marginal business holders or hawkers have meager scope to
grow their business without sufficient investments. This research focuses
on the use case of Hawkers by prioritizing the need to build a platform
that can connect Hawkers with Investors. Hawker data is not stored in a
structured format in any repository. Hence, it is impossible to make the
data accessible to any authorities. Overall, this results in the marginal
businesses to be unreachable to the willing investors.
In this paper, we aim at explaining a methodology to make abstract
data available over a web of needs and run matching service on the web.
By creating a Web of Needs with Hawker data we can make their re-
quirements available for any investor to find a prospective business. We
create an automated match-making service that can meet the expecta-
tion of both hawker and Investor. This can help Hawkers expand their
business. Initial approach is to make the Hawker data structured in a
unified format in the form of RDF triples. We will be using RDF to cre-
ate the web of needs and then run a matching algorithm on it. This will
enable different communities to interact with each other and exchange
data between different systems.This will also enable accessibility by In-
vestors from their domain. Using Web of Needs we would summarize the
data in structured format and represent it in the form of URI (so that it
is accessible irrespective of application). Data is represented in the form
of RDF triple so that it can be linked with other systems to make it

Keyphrases: Hawker, Interoperable, matching, matchmaking, Resource Description Framework (RDF), Semantic Web, Web of Needs (WoN)

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