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Tourism Water Footprint of China

EasyChair Preprint no. 970

3 pagesDate: May 6, 2019


China is a worldwide famous tourism country and attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy various tourism activities. Among the supporting tourism resources, water resource is important for the sustainable development of tourism. In order to understand and efficiently manage the precious water resource for tourism, the tourism water footprint of China is investigated in this study. A top-down approach was adopted to analyze the water footprint by using the collected 2012 input-output table with 139 sectors, the 2012 tourism satellite account (TSA) and water consumption data of different sectors. The result of this study reveals that China’s total foreign tourist water footprint is approximately 2,465,000,000 m3 in the year of 2012, whereas the total domestic tourist water footprint is approximately 16,642,000,000 m3.

Keyphrases: China, input-output analysis, Tourism, water footprint

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