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Comparative Analysis and Optimization of PV/Wind/Diesel/Grid/Battery Hybrid System

EasyChair Preprint no. 11109

6 pagesDate: October 23, 2023


This thesis describes the Comparative Analysis of different renewable energy sources with current grid energy systems for sustainable supply. A case study of backup power for an ICT infrastructure of the Piwoyi Village located along the Abuja airport expressway, the hybrid combination is PV/wind/diesel/grid/battery system. The overall objective is to compare the most sustainable, minimum emission and cost-effective combination using Homer software. The results from the software indicated that the optimal combination Grid/PV and Grid/PV/Battery will be adopted for the ICT infrastructure. The proposed hybrid system is designed to power two suspended floors and the ground floor with each being proposed to have a 20kVA inverter system. The proposed combination of a PV/wind/diesel/grid/battery storage hybrid system has been successfully simulated using HOMER software, the results were analyzed and it was found that the Grid system configuration has the least NPC of N1, 012, 000.00 and Grid/DGS/PV/Wind/Battery has the highest NPC of N110, 050, 100.00. While a combination of Grid/PV and Grid/PV/Battery emitted the least greenhouse gasses of 976kg/year of CO2, 0kg/year of CO, 4.23kg/year of SO2 and 2.07kg/year of NO2.

Keyphrases: analysis, Cell, comparative, Energy, Gasses, Greenhouse, Grid, Hybrid, Photovoltaic, Renewable, storage, system

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