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Discussion on Human-Computer Interaction: the Concept of Life Happiness in the New Era

EasyChair Preprint no. 9902

15 pagesDate: March 31, 2023


This paper aims to explore human-computer interaction remotely: The concept of life happiness in the new era. The method is: First, reviewing history, then, finding problems, and finally, refining goals, which is characterized by that coordinating ancient and modern, chinese and foreign, especially contemporary, different views, not only to reach a certain consensus among people, but also to make sure to try to achieve personalization and standardization compatibility between humans and machines. The result is that not only it is found that it is actually difficult to reach a consensus between people, but it is also difficult to achieve both personalization and standardization between humans and machines. As a result, it was further discovered that there has been a smart system studied for many years, a formalized cognitive computing and system analysis that takes both standardization and individualization into consideration. Its significance lies in: Applying the latest theories and methods, the following visions of people can be satisfied, namely: Throughout the thousands of years of human social and historical development, the evolution of culture and civilization, and the progress of modern science and technology, a life growth must continue to transcend its own cognitive limitations, form a new mental cognitive model, and exercise correct cognitive ability in the direction of happiness, in order to lead human beings to a better new world.

Keyphrases: concept of happiness, formalized cognitive computing, Human Computer Interaction, life happiness, personalization and standardization, Smart System Studied, system analysis

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