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Current Questions in the Design and Production of Maps for Studying the Earth Sciences Module in Universities

EasyChair Preprint no. 13130

10 pagesDate: April 29, 2024


The widespread introduction of GIS, electronic maps and infographics into the teaching of geographical disciplines at universities poses new urgent tasks for cartographers to scientifically substantiate the design, production and practical use of educational maps. The purpose of the study is to analyze the classical experience of creating and using maps for studying the module “Earth Sciences,” in particular, geographical nomenclature, in higher education institutions. The article analyzes educational cartographic aids for the study of geographical nomenclature and formulates requirements for their content and design. It is noted that the study of geographical nomenclature begins in high school, so it is appropriate to use gaming technologies here. In universities, for group and pair work of students, not only electronic, but also printed maps are relevant as they allow simultaneous comparative analysis and geographic reference of the desired objects. It was revealed that printed wall maps for universities, despite the need for them, are practically not published due to high costs. The problem can be solved by printing small runs ordered by specific universities using high-quality copy equipment. Testing the level of knowledge of geographical nomenclature can be carried out at different levels in the form of testing or hand-drawing by students of a map diagram showing the geographical similarity of objects. The study showed that the most successful is the combination of various techniques, technologies and teaching aids - educational games, printed wall maps, electronic teaching aids for mobile devices, as well as classic maps in teacher presentations and tasks for students in the form of tests or infographics.

Keyphrases: Geographic nomenclature, map, map design, map production

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