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Patient Safety Design Competition

EasyChair Preprint no. 5264

8 pagesDate: April 1, 2021


The objective of this competition was to encourage students and Early Career Researcher (ECR) teams to collaboratively use their knowledge/skills in human factors and ergonomics to design a solution to prevent clinical deterioration. Clinical deterioration is a key contributor to mortality and is among the top patient safety concerns globally and more specifically, the failure to recognize, monitor, interpret and respond to clinical deterioration is a systemic patient safety concern (e.g. the failure to monitor/interpret/respond to abnormal fetal status; the failure to appreciate and respond to a deteriorating condition). We ask: 1) How can good ergonomic design and innovative solutions contribute to reducing avoidable harm and subsequent mortality, through early recognition and intervention for clinical deterioration, and increase quality of life for patients and their family caregivers? 2) How can we design innovative and ergonomically informed environments, tools, fixtures, devices, methods and applications that will improve early recognition and intervention for clinically deteriorating patients and improve patient safety?

Applicants worked in teams of 2-4. There were two tracks for this design competition; Track One covered solutions relating to workplace design, industrial ergonomics, and occupational health, and Track Two covered HCI/UX (human-computer interaction/user experience) solutions. The angle or scope of this design was up to applicants.

Keyphrases: Clinical Deterioration, Ergonomics, Healthcare, Human Computer Interaction, Human Factors, patient safety, Sponsored session

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