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A Framework for Digital Transformation in the Banking Industry of Iran

EasyChair Preprint no. 10988

17 pagesDate: September 30, 2023


Digital transformation is driving structural change in all sectors of the global economy, espe-cially in the banking industry. The digital transformation of the banking industry is an ongoing process that impacts the working environment through the redesign of processes and methods. Therefore, this study aims to provide a framework for digital transformation in Iran’s banking industry using an enterprise architecture framework. For this purpose, qualitative and quantita-tive approaches were used. In the qualitative part, systematic review was done to identify key factors. The extracted factors were then coded and classified with the approval of the experts. For the quantitative part, Friedman’s test was used to prioritize the categories and components. Ultimately, 10 categories and 28 components were identified. Among them, security and cus-tomer management were the highest priority categories.

Keyphrases: Digital Banking, Digital Framework, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Architecture Framework.

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