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Land fragmentation and small holdings major barriers for sustainable agricultural development in Iran: Situations and problems

EasyChair Preprint no. 2687

16 pagesDate: February 17, 2020


More efficient production processes and better environmental management systems can significantly reduce pollution and waste, and save water and other resources. Land resources have an impact on effective agricultural activity, as well as economic, social and political stability. Sustainable land management is essential to meeting the global challenge of securing soil and water resources that can support an ever increasing population. There is a real need to analyse the economic benefits and long term sustainability of future development against the protection of high class land for current and future production requirements. Increasing population has posed insurmountable challenges to agriculture in the provision of future food security, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region where biophysical conditions are not well-suited for agriculture. Iran, as a major agricultural country in the MENA region, has long been in the quest for food self-sufficiency, however, the capability of its land and water resources to realize this goal is largely unknown. For doing this study utilized qualitative approach with its tools for gathering information such as participatory observation, maps, discussions with experts, professors and beneficiaries, field research and visits, scientific articles, documents and pictures. Main locations of study were two provinces in Iran, namely Isfahan and south Khorasan provinces. In this article discussing various aspects that caused of land fragmentation, traditional peasantry and small holdings and their effects in confronting for utilizing modern technologies and increasing productivity and receiving to food self sufficieny and security in Iran. In the end present final and exigency acquired model on the ways of confronting to these traditional land use patterns for accessing to sustainable development (SD) goals and criteria in agricultural production system in Iran.

Keyphrases: Barriers, Iran, Land fragmentation, Rural, Small holdings, sustainable development

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