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Effective Mass Substitutes Relativistic Mass in Special Relativity and Lorentz's Mass Transformation

EasyChair Preprint no. 11919

5 pagesDate: January 29, 2024


This research explores the substitution of relativistic mass with effective mass in the context of Special Relativity and Lorentz's Mass Transformation. Classical energy equations, Planck's energy equation, and Einstein's mass-energy equivalence principle form the foundation for this investigation. Through mathematical validation, the study demonstrates that both classical kinetic energy and relativistic energy involve mass multiplied by the square of speed, highlighting a fundamental connection between mass, velocity, and energy. By examining nuclear energy generation, alternative energy conversion mechanisms, and the distinctions between energy conversion and transformation, the paper elucidates the interchangeable nature of mass and energy. The theoretical construct of effective mass emerges as a pivotal concept, offering insights into the intricate relationship between energy and mass, especially in contexts involving relativistic effects. This exploration contributes to a deeper understanding of energy-mass relationships and their implications across diverse physical phenomena.

Keyphrases: alternative energy conversion, Classical energy equations, effective mass, energy conversion, energy frequency equivalence, energy transformation, Energy-Mass Equivalence, Mass-Energy Equivalence, Nuclear Energy, Relativistic Mass

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